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Posted On18 Jan 2021I'm one of those single mom's that no one wants to stand up for, advocating for my voiceless child. I've held onto truth. I will hold onto it no matter what. Principalities are vast and winding and full of interest that is not for our best. Please pray weView & Reply


Posted On19 Nov 2020I received a lock in letter from the IRS where they will take more taxes out of my biweekly check .Please pray they won't take out too much or the letter is a mistake.View & Reply


Posted On14 Sep 2020Please pray for me that my book gets published soon.View & Reply


Posted On10 Sep 2020praying for restoration of my marriageView & Reply


Posted On10 Sep 2020I need prayers for my godson who has been ill for the last few months. The doctors are still trying to figure out what his illness is.View & Reply


Posted On9 Sep 2020I pray that this world comes together as one and these riots come to an end.View & Reply


Posted On9 Sep 2020We all need prayers to get back to our normal lives. View & Reply


Posted On8 Sep 2020I am asking that this negative enrgy be taken away from my family.View & Reply


Posted On7 Sep 2020Please pray that when kids go back to school it will be safe.View & Reply


Posted On6 Sep 2020I am asking for a prayer for my friend who is not married yet. Whomever marries her will be the most luckiest guy.View & Reply